Samkeh Harra

Spycy specialty from Tripoli Lebanon made of baked marinated fish covered with a sauce based on Tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic and spices. 

Samkeh Bi Thineh

Lebanese fish dish fried fish covered with a tahini based sauce baked and toped with browned pine nuts and almonds. 


Lebanese fish dish made of baked fish served on a bed of rice, topped with fried nuts and served with onion or tahini based sauce. 

Shish Kebab

Middle Eastern barbecue made of marinated cuts of meat put on skewers with vegetables and cooked over or next to flames. 

Kefta Bi Tahini

Middle Eastern spiced ground meat baked in a sea of tahini, topped with thinly sliced potatoes and pine nuts and served with rice. 

Kousa Mahshi

Middle Eastern vegetable dish made of rice and minced meat stuffed in zucchinis. Usually cooked in tomato sauce or Laban. 

Kibbeh Mechouiyeh

Traditionnal North Lebanese dish made of minced meat, bulgur, oignions and spices, stuffed with spiced minced lamb tallow and cooked on grill.

Kibbeh Bil Saniyeh

Traditional meat dish made of a mixture of chopped lamb or beef meat, bulgur, onion, mint and spices cooked into a flat baking pan. 


Levantine meat and rice dish prepared with lamb meat and spiced rice baked in a phyllo pocket served with Laban. 


Middle Eastern barbecue made of fingers of minced or ground meat mixed with spices and onions charcoal-grilled on skewers. 


Middle Eastern rice or bulgur dish made of cooked lentils together with wheat or rice, garnished with onions sauteed in vegetable oil. 

Malfouf Mahshi

Middle Eastern vegetable dish made of rice and minced meat rolled in cabbage leaves cooked in tomato or pomegranate molasses based sauce. 

Warak Enab

Levantine dolma dish made with grape leaves filled with spiced meet and rice and cooked slowly on a bed of meat and bones with lemon juce. 

Lahm Bi Ajin - Sfiha

Traditional meat pizza made of a pastry covered with minced meat, onions, and pine nuts. North Lebanon version use a Phyllo pastry. 


Levantine vegetable dish made of mallow leaves (Corchorus), onion lemon juice, meat and spices, topped with meat cuts and fried pine nuts.  

Shich Taouk

Middle Eastern barbecue made of chicken cuts marinated with garlic, lemon and spices grilled on skewers and served with Toum and fries. 


Traditional Lebanese couscous cooked with onions chicpea ans pices and served with lamb shanks and chicken. 


Middle Eastern vegetable dish made of Okra cooked with tomato sauce lamb cuts and onions, served with rice..