Like Raki or Ouzo it is an Anise-flavored distilled levant alcoholic drink, clear, colorless, unsweetened and highly alcoholic.


Sweet cold drink made of grape molasses and smoked with Arabic incense, to drink very cold toped with pine nuts. 


Strong coffe thick and often flavored with cardamom, made with a long-handled coffee pot called Rakwe, served in a demitasse, and poured out in front of the guest.


Levantine bread (Pita) Can be used as pocket or wrapp eaten with different fillings.

Chawarma sandwish

Sandwish of herbed and spiced grilled on a spindle chicken or meat chopped into small pieces and wrapped in flat bread and served with vegetables, tahini and hot sauce.


Lebanese wine is world wide appreciated some sites are the oldest in the world. Phoenicians spread wine throughout the Mediterranean.  


lemon-flavored drink made from lemons, water and sugar with essence of rose water and orange blossoms. 

Mint tea

Tisane of peppermint Mentha piperita. It is naturally caffeine-free. Mint is widely used in Levant cuisine.


Traditional flatbread It is traditionally baked in a tannoor oven or on Saj and eaten with different fillings. 

Falafel Sandwish

Falafel are smached and wrapped in a flatbread (lafa). Salad, tomato slices and pickels are added and covered with a thina sauce.


Almaza lebanese Brewery a Heineken brand, is widely appreciated in the region and remains the main exporter. 

Laban Ayran

Cold yogurt beverage mixed with cold water and salt toped with fresh mint.

White coffee

Caffeine-free drink made from water, orange blossom water, and sweetened with sugar if desired.


Traditional street bread made mostly in a large leaf or ring-shape and covered with sesame seeds.


Oven cooked garnished flatbread dough made in any local bakeries (Furns) using cheese, Za'atar, minced meat and onions or kishk.