Tour Program
Day 1 
12:15 Transport airport – Hotel& check-in
15:00 Afternoon, free time - tour in the city of belgrade 
Day 2 
09:00 Belgrade - Kalemegdan fortress
17:00 Belgrade sightseeing tour, boat cruise and dinner on the rivers (6h)
Day 3 
09:00 Sightseeing of Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan Park (6h)
Day 4 
09:00 visit to the zoo of belgrade
 09:00 Ski Resort of Serbia
Day 5 
09:30 free morning
12:00 Transport downtown – airport
Trip Details
Travel & Tourism :
Beirut to Serbia
5 Days / 4 Nights
Price per person starting from: $ 1600
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  • Oct 15
Oct 15 to Oct 20
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Beautiful Belgrade
Day by Day



                                                                                                                              5 Days – 4 Nights



Description :

Jump INN Hotel Belgrade is located in the heart of old Belgrade, district Savamala, overlooking Savariver. District Savamala is experiencing its second youth and becomes the center of town. This quart today is fullof life and attracts people looking for art, entertainment and gastronomy of various kinds. Savamala is well connected with old part of Belgrade as well as New Belgrade.Points of interests in the city are within walking distance or short taxi ride or public transport
Availability :
- up on request
Services :
- breakfast
- free Wi-Fi








wonder in the vibrant city of belgrade, get to know that magnificinet city where modern and historical art meet together forming beuatiful artistic sites all around the city.




Day2- 09:00 Belgrade - Kalemegdan fortress




Human kind had always tended to raise habitats along rivers, in order to fully exploit ever-important water routes. And right here, at the foot of Kalemegdan fortress, where river Sava meets mighty Danube and on the crossroads of Central Europe, the West and the East, various cultures and ethnicites have been interacting for centuries. Known conquerors have fought here for the reign of the city through the ages: Romans, Huns, Goths, Byzantines, Austro-Hungarians, Turks ... and that is exactly why Belgrade has always stood in someone’s way - from the Neolithic times to a more recent 20th century history.

Despite such turbulent past, Belgrade remains a vibrant city with huge contrasts and distinct character. No matter how contemporary the city became and how in tune with business trends it is, regardless of the buzzing night-life and throbbing streets, Belgrade has retained own special atmosphere, specific only to itself. Belgrade is quite 'easy to feel', it has varied architecture, the old bohemian quarter Skadarlija, the modern Novi Beograd business district, rolling landscapes of the neighbouring Mt. Avala and waterways stretching from the Iron Gate to the vast Pannonia plain, as far as the view from Kalemegdan fortress can reach...


- Guide 
- Transportation tickets

17:00 Belgrade sightseeing tour, boat cruise and dinner on            the rivers




Duration 6 Hours

Combine beautiful sightseeing and boat cruise with the traditional cuisine and tambourine music! Take a walk through the Belgrade city center, visit the most famous sites and see the city from rivers. Feel the atmosphere, taste delicious food, listen to the music and relax!

Take a part of guided tour through the center of Belgrade city with one of ours experienced guides. This is a walking tour and the best way to see all the famous sites of the capital: City Hall, National Parliament, Old Palace, Terazije Street, Republic and Nikola Pasic square. Walk down the Knez Mihailova Street, main pedestrian area of downtown.

Visit Kalemegdan fortress from the Ancient period, see the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, big Military Island, Sahat tower, Nebojsa’s tower, gunpowder magazine… Enjoy the walking tour through Kalemegdan Park, and found out why Kalemegdan is the biggest park in Belgrade and the most important cultural and historical complex.

Feel the Belgrade at night. Take a boat ride on the Belgrade Rivers and see the beautiful buildings, rivers and nature. By cruising on Danube River you will see the bridges, rafts, Ada Ciganlija, Gordos, Medjica, Lido and many more sites which one can see only from the river. Enjoy the traditional cuisine along the beautiful tambourine music!


- Guide 
- boat ticket

day 3- 10:00 Sightseeing of Belgrade fortress and                             Kalemegdan Park



Duration  6 hours

Enjoy the walking tour through Belgrade fortress and Kalemegdan Park, experience their monumental proportions, and find out why they are the most important cultural and historical complex in Belgrade. Discover  the  charm  of Belgrade Fortress - archaeological sights, Gratitude to France Monument, Military Museum, The Victor Monument, Rudjer Boskovic Observatory, Ruzica Church, St. Paraskevi’s Chapel, Nebojsa tower, gate of Charles VI. See from the tower walls the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Big Military Island, New Belgrade, Zemun, and much more.


- Guide 

Day 4- option1: 09:00 Kopaonik ski resort




Kopaonik is famous as a mountain covered with snow for 7 months in year, and also presents the main ski center in Serbia. Besides the skiing, tourist have possibility for hiking, ballooning, visit to archaeological site Kadijevac and the remains of the old Orthodox church named as Nebeska Stolica. National park Kopaonik is the biggest massif in Serbia. Extends from northwest to southeast, in length of 75km, with the width of 40km in the mid part. The center of Kopaonik is split on two tourist centers – Ravan Kopaonik and Brzece.

- transport

option2: visit to the zoo of belgrade the home of white                        lions            





experince the wild life like never before in the zoo of belgrade which is the home of one the rarest animals "the white lions".Enjoy a full day tour in the zoo get to know all the animals in a friendly atmosphere. 

include :
-entrance ticket


day 5- 09:30 Free  morning in Belgrade and transfer to the airport 





enjoy youlast day roaming aroung the streets of belgrade before u say you goobyes for tha beautiful city and take off to th airport.


include :
- transfer